Protecting Employees and Maintaining Safety

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Safety is one of the most important aspects of any business, and simply instructing your workers to practice workplace safety is not enough to ensure safety. Various studies have shown that that an investment of $1 for workplace safety can save companies $3-$10 in savings, either in direct or indirect costs. Companies are aware that their insurance premium is directly related to their safety record or their “experience modification”; a bad year in the workplace can affect the company for three years.

Newly hired workers are the ones with the highest risk of injuries on the job compared to experienced workers. It is estimated that about 2 million workers are injured every year with serious enough injuries that prevent to return to work and would require continuous medical care. There are many ways that companies can avoid such preventable accident and expenses. One of the first things to do is to have a good hiring process that guarantees the employment of able-bodied and safety-minded workers who carry a good track record.

Among the most important things that employers should be aware of when hiring new people is to get people who know how to do the job. Employees should not easily assume that new hires are already aware of safety procedures, therefore providing task-specific trainings to help them understand why they have to take the necessary precautions in order for them to effectively comply with the company’s safety rules and regulations. If you want to learn more about effective and specific employment testing and hiring process, click here.

The heart of an effective and safe workplace is a competent accident prevention program coupled with a working and efficient company safety rules and regulations. Employers should always follow OSHA rules to ensure their workers are properly protected when in the workplace to avoid accidents and possibly lessen risks of serious injuries.

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